Forefront RF Secures £6.7m Funding Round with BGF Investment

In order to disrupt the worldwide radio frequency market for mobile technologies, Forefront RF, a Cambridge-based fabless semiconductor business, has received a follow-on investment of £3.75 million from BGF, one of the largest growth capital investors in the UK. This investment is part of a £6.7 million funding round that also includes current partners Science Creates Ventures and Foresight Group in order to speed up the development of the company’s technology and capitalise on favourable market dynamics and industry trends for future growth.

By doing away with the need for a bank of switched SAW and BAW crystal filters, Forefront RF’s Adaptive Passive Cancellation technology enables connected devices to operate efficiently across a variety of mobile telephony frequency bands. This technology was developed from academic research at the University of Bristol.

Now what next

As a result, manufacturers can provide goods that are frequency independent, simplify design, save prices, and eliminate waste in the supply chain.

Forefront RF has launched a fully tunable duplexer employing its unique adaptive passive cancellation technology, created especially for the 600-1000MHz bands, in addition to the investment, to show that it is appropriate for 4G and 5G standards.

Ronald Wilting, the company’s CEO, has 25 years of experience in radio frequency technology. He collaborates closely with Dr Leo Laughlin and Julian Hildersley, the company’s co-founders, and seasoned Chair Phil O’Donovan, MD of CSR plc.

Forefront RF provides a cutting-edge technological solution and a very strong value proposition for a fast-expanding worldwide customer base, according to Dennis Atkinson, the investor at BGF. With its cutting-edge technology, Forefront RF is well-positioned to take advantage of promising worldwide growth opportunities.

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