iPhone and Android Users at Risk of Dangerous Wi-Fi Threats

iPhone and Android Users at Risk

You should always take caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi because there are many hidden risks that you might not be aware of. The Internet security provider Norton cautions that using public Wi-Fi networks has several risks.

One of the primary problems with public Wi-Fi is that any device connecting to it runs the danger of being compromised because the network may have shoddy or nonexistent security mechanisms. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are among the most prevalent attack types. This occurs when a hacker establishes a connection between you and the service you’re using so they can see what you do.


Someone could be watching you while you check your bank account or log into your email, for instance, and could perhaps obtain your important information. Another danger is phishing emails, in which hackers pose as well-known companies to fool you into disclosing your personal data.

Your information is considerably easier to steal if the network you’re utilising isn’t encrypted. The creation of false hotspots by hackers with names that look official can also be risky since once you connect to them, fraudsters will have access to your personal data.

It’s important to avoid performing overly critical tasks on public Wi-Fi, including banking, in order to be safe. If you must use it, employing a VPN will add an extra degree of security.

It’s also important to make sure the websites you visit are secure by looking for HTTPS in the URL.

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