SGIN X14 Review: An affordable laptop with decent features

If your budget to purchase a laptop is not very high but you need a laptop for office use or study purposes, then the SGIN X14 laptop might be a pick for you. Let’s know more about this laptop through this SGIN X14 review article. This laptop has an impressive build quality. It is slim and lightweight and will easily fit your backpack. Though the processor offered on this laptop will not be able to offer you a great performance for heavy usage, it will work fine for basic and day-to-day tasks of surfing the net, using office apps, and playing videos. You may also want to read the Laptop Buying Guide.

SGIN X14 Review

SGIN X14 Review


The SGIN X14 is a cheap laptop but the looks of this laptop won’t make you feel so. Resembling high-end laptops, this laptop has a very classy design. It has a sleek chassis and is lightweight, features that most laptops of this price do not offer. The laptop has well-spaced keys which makes it very convenient to type on. It also has a large trackpad. The display measures 14.1 inches and the top bezel has a webcam incorporated into it. We see a Type-C port, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, two USB 3.0 ports, and a MicroSD slot at the sizes of this laptop. The overall build and design of this laptop are quite impressive.


This SGIN laptop offers average performance. It features the Intel Celeron N4500 which is not a very strong processor and is not meant to handle demanding workloads. However, to perform basic tasks of web browsing and working with office apps, it will work fine. It offers a large 12GB RAM which makes the laptop run fast on the condition that you are performing daily tasks on it. The laptop also equips 512GB SSD storage which will be sufficient to store your data and is expandable too.


You get a 14.1-inch Full HD display on this laptop. Although the resolution offered is good, the brightness levels of the display are quite inadequate. When used outdoors in sunlight, the display fails to offer optimum brightness. The display is however clearly visible when used indoors or not in very bright light. Since it has an IPS panel, the viewing angles are good. As far as the refresh rate is concerned, this display of this laptop offers a 60Hz refresh rate.

Other features:

As already mentioned, the SGIN X14 offers a good collection of ports. Besides, it also supports dual-band Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2. The battery lasts around 8 hours which is adequate. It also offers a 1080p webcam over the display which can be used for video-conferencing. However, the speakers of this laptop are of mediocre quality.


The SGIN X14 may not be one of the best-performing laptops, but it surely is a decent laptop on a budget which offers good performance if used for daily tasks. The display offered is good for the price, the battery backup is optimum, the build quality is appreciable and the connectivity options are ample. This laptop will not be able to handle demanding tasks like gaming and video editing, but if you want a laptop for basic use, you may pick this laptop.

SGIN X14 Review: Pros

  • Offers large RAM and storage.
  • Great connectivity features.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Affordable.

SGIN X14 Review: Cons

  • Average performance.
  • Display is not bright.

SGIN X14 Review: Specifications

Display Type:IPS
Screen Size:14.1 inches
Resolution:1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)
Refresh Rate:60Hz
Processor:Intel Celeron N4500
Graphics:Intel integrated graphics
Storage:512GB SSD
Battery life:14 hours

SGIN X14 Review: FAQs

How much RAM does the SGIN X14 offer?

The SGIN X14 offers a large 12GB DDR4 RAM which is appreciable for an entry-level laptop.

Is the storage of the SGIN X14 expandable?

Yes, the storage of SGIN X14 is expandable. The SGIN X14 supports 512GB TF card expansion and the 512GB SSD already provided on it can be replaced with up to 1TB SSD.

Should I buy the SGIN X14?

If you are looking for an affordable laptop to perform basic tasks, then the SGIN X14 can be considered for purchase.

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